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HVAC Design Services:

• Manual J: Load Calculations

• Manual S: Equipment Selection

• Manual D: Duct Designs

• Manual T: Register & Grille Layout

Commissioning & Testing Services Also Available

Most people do not understand that oversized HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) units use more energy and contribute to comfort issues and high moisture levels. Consumers often add extra tonnage in order to make sure they have enough. In reality, that's where the problems begin. Combined with entry-level equipment and undersized ducts, your system never performs.

Today's homes are interactive systems that are made up of multiple products. In order to design your HVAC systems you must consider the thermal boundaries, proper location and levels of insulation, required airflow, available static pressure, fresh air ventilation, and air sealing.

Properly sized, designed, installed and commissioned HVAC systems have the potential to save a homeowner as much as 50% on their utility bills while increasing comfort, improving equipment durability and improving indoor air quality!

AL Cert# 10069

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