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Spray Foam MYTHS

Spray foam insulation is a very interesting industry. It has expanded from a small niche market that was custom home-builder-centric, and has seemingly exploded to over a billion-dollar industry in a relatively short 15 years or so. Let's take a look at five myths that loom over the spray foam industry and offer some clarification.

Avoiding Unintended Consequences in Home Performance

In our area, the ductwork, HVAC equipment and water heating equipment are most often in the attic. We have virtually all flex spider systems. Wall chases are frequently used for returns and supplies. Point a thermal camera on a wall and you are likely to see at least half the wall and ceiling light up. The top plates are rarely sealed. In fact, we almost never see anything sealed, hence the numerous complaints of black streaks on walls and 'mold' on grills. Hopefully, you have more hospitable conditions.

The Trouble with Building Science

Few people understand it. Nobody agrees about what it is, how to learn about it, or who's responsible for it. It has never been more important.

Measuring Thermal Performance

Let's consider a simple example that many of us are familiar with, a coffee cup. When you are at home you probably use a ceramic mug for your coffee. But when you pick up a cup of joe to go from the convenience store, like me, you probably get it in a foam cup. Why?

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Green for green: Loans help make homes energy-efficient

The windows leaked a little. The insulation in the attic was settling. The air conditioner, original to the house when it was built in 1988, was struggling to keep the house cool.

In short, it was time for an upgrade.

Is it ok to Ventilate a Home with Attic Air?

I’ve seen some crazy things done to homes. It’s usually someone’s attempt to make things better. Sometimes that someone is a homeowner or other occupant. Sometimes it’s a contractor. But it always seems to be a solution to a problem that creates other problems. It’s just like they say: Our biggest problem is solutions. So what’s the problem with this method of ventilating a home?

What is Continuous Insulation?

Icynene Building Genius has covered the performance and cost advantages of its various closed cell spray foam insulation products when used in exterior continuous insulation applications, but what is continuous insulation and why are more buildings adopting this approach? We take a short look at what continuous insulation is, as defined by the industry, as well as what is driving adoption of exterior wall continuous insulation in commercial buildings.

Do Homebuyers Want 'Energy Upgrade' Packages?

Homebuyers like choices. Builders, ever eager to meet the desires of their buyers, typically offer a dizzying array of choices in products, finishes and designs to suit a wide variety of styles.  Yet seemingly few builders offer consumers a choice in homes at varying energy efficiency targets. Is this a missed opportunity for builders in meeting the growing energy efficiency desires of buyers -- an increasing number of whom self-identify as sustainable consumers? Perhaps.

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