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What is HVAC Design?

Today's homes are interactive systems that are made up of multiple products. In order to design your HVAC systems you must consider the thermal boundaries, proper location and levels of insulation, required airflow, available static pressure, fresh air ventilation, and air sealing. Properly sized, designed, installed and commissioned HVAC systems have the potential to save a homeowner as much as 50% on their utility bills while increasing comfort, improving equipment durability and improving indoor air quality! HVAC Design Services Include: • Manual J Load Calculations • Manual S Equipment Selection

• Manual D Duct Designs • Manual T Register & Grille Layout

When should my foundation vents be open?

NEVER! A traditional crawlspace foundation that is constructed with foundation vents can be a major source of moisture control problems and health issues inside the home. When warm, humid air from the exterior flows through traditional foundation vents, it comes in contact with cool surfaces such as leaky ductwork, improperly insulated ductwork, wood framing, insulation, wiring, and plumbing. As a result, moisture forms and in many cases, this moisture leads to mold growth. Dark and moist crawlspaces attract insects, spiders, termites, rodents, and snakes.

What exactly is an Energy Audit?

A Synergy Energy Audit outlines the efficiency of your home. Proper sealing and insulation may be all that is necessary in some houses to create energy savings. Or it may be that your HVAC system wasn't properly sized and installed. Either way, your home is tested and outlined in detail on how to significantly reduce energy costs and increase the comfort inside your home.

There are simple steps homeowners can take to improve the overall health, comfort, and efficiencies in their home. There are also many steps contractors, builders and code officials can take to help raise the standards in the building industry.

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